Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Text Msg tattle tale!

After leaving the gym yesterday I was HUUNNNGRY!!! Before hitting the gym my calorie consumption consisted of a whopping 456 calories. And, only God knows how many calories we burned during out workout. I get home and tell my sister that we’re going to have a surprise date at 9pm. I prepared a quick snack of black beans, corn and a few chives. YUMM! We head over to Sonic and (I hate to admit this) but I ordered TWO hamburgers!!! I know! I know! I was hungry! And, to my defense they were dry. No mayo, no mustard, no buttered buns. D-R-Y!

The story gets worse. .. *picture a sheepish grin here*

We head over to my second round of the date which was a movie at the dollar cinema for our second viewing of P.S. I Love You.

I still had the munchies so (y’all are going to kill me! LOL & Sir Chadwick is going to DIE! Or, rather I’ll die the next time he sees me) I got some skittles and some Peanut M&M’s and diet coke! LOL My poor sister was just watching me in shock! She hasn’t seen me go nuts like this in a LONG time! We find our seats and I immediately begin to dig into my M&M’s.

She’s still staring at me like I’ve lost my dang mind.

Then she says “Marcccce”

I’m like “What!?” as I proceed to stuff my mouth full of M&M’s. FYI I know exactly what she’s “Maarrrcccee’ing me about”

She then smoothly reaches into her purse and pulls out her phone. It was then that I notice her feverish texting. She gives me “ojo” (the evil eye) and continues to text.

Now, keep in mind that my mouth is S-T-U-F-F-E-D with M&M’s as I say “Wha arrrrrre yooooouuu doooooing?!?!” I try to keep from drooling on myself.

She looks at me and says “I’m texting Mike.”

I’m silent….. I process what she just said….. I give her the “What you talkin’ about Willis” look. Then bolt for my phone as I begin chew with all my might for fear that he’s going to catch me piggin out! LOL (ladies y’all know exactly what I’m talking about cause at time or another you’ve all been there!!!)

I then bust out my phone and start to text him. My note said something like this “hey mike, my sister’s being dumb! Don’t pay attention to her text”

I hit send and the text is gone.

I surrender my bag of M&M’s to her and say “keep these away from me”

She smiles and says “ok!” THEN STARTS TO EAT MY M&M’s!!!!!

My reaction: I gave her “ojo”.

Her reaction: She just laughed.

I later found out that her text to Sir Chadwick simply said “hey Mike, I just wanted to say Hi.”

That girl is SLICK!!!!


Hope you enjoyed that one!

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Kendra said...


You've worked hard and deserve a treat. =-) Your writing is super funny. I loved the story. "ojo" cracks me up!!!

Sorry my emails this week were long. I'm glad we can relate in our trials. He's so faithful to us!