Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Junk Food = lots of Junk in the Trunk!

Last week was such a bad eating week. I have to confess that I slacked off
a) I knew I wasn’t going to have to weigh in at Weight Watchers on Saturday (I was at a leadership retreat for Village small groups) therefore not accountable (Sorta).
b) Sir Chadwick was down and totally out with the stomach bug and wasn’t around to kill me
c) I was “going through stuff”.
All of those factors combined made it so easy for me to be a little less hardcore. I ate so much candy! Why is it that we feel less guilty for eating Fun Size candy as opposed to real size candy?! I swear I ended up eating enough fun size snickers, babyruth, and skittles to make up for 3 real size bars if not more!!

FYI Food does make a difference!!!!!!! What you put into your body effects the way your body operates! For instance, sugar makes me sleepy, lazy, lethargic, and down right sloppy! Carbs make me temporarily happy. Fruits and Veggies seriously make me feel better all around and almost make my insides feel clean and ready to run. I know it’s weird but it’s for real, yo! Dairy, oh how I love my dairy… well, helps in small doses. PS DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!! Water is good. That’s all I gotta say about that!

Is food and idol? Six months ago I would’ve said “yeah right! No freakin’ way!!!!” and I would’ve meant it with all my heart too. Today, I know that I struggle with putting food (the source which temporarily removes my pain and numbs my thoughts) on God’s throne.

Where do you run when you need to be instantly released from a hard moment?


Rebecca said...

Dr. Pepper was my idol. People will laugh when you call a soda an idol, but it was the thing I ran to when I was stressed, tired, down, frustrated, etc. It numbed all of those emotions. Something you run to other than God is the definition of an idol. Thanks for your honesty and for calling a spade a spade.

sara said...

I totally understand about the sweets and stuff... it's sooooo hard to resist, but I can definitely feel the effects when I eat crap and crap and more crap.
I need to work on that...
Hope you had a fantastic hump day!!