Thursday, February 21, 2008

Great Workout!

Quick post: I had such a great time in the gym yesterday. I was moaning all day long about finishing up my second half of the two-a-day. I got home, made an AWFUL dinner (tell you more about that later), changed my socks and shoes and headed back out to the gym. I thought that I'd simply go and put in my time but I had NO intention of hittin' it hard and more importantly I did it because I didn’t want to lie to Sir Chadwick if he asked “how did you do yesterday?”

Once I slipped my foot in the boot of the Arc Trainer and started to warm up something clicked inside of me. I couldn't put my finger on it at first. Then this woman set herself up next to me and started to push it really hard. Instantly, this quick little fire was set within me. I can honestly say I worked harder during the second round than I worked during the first round! And, the best part was that Sir Chadwick wasn’t around to push me!

I also wanted to share this video. I love the drum beat, the classic guitar and the way the rhythm persuades me to move. This might be a little much for some of my white people! HAHA! JK I love all my colored friends! I could translate this song for you but it wouldnt sound as appealing in English...somethings are better said in Spanish (same goes for certain verses) because there's a richness English verbs are just missing. Praise God for a Mom that made sure we learned Spanish (except my brother, David, some how feel through the cracks on that one..he's a white boy through and through! HAHA loooooove Yooooooou DAVIN!!!)

I love that God chose to make me Latina! Adios. And Have fun dancing with the video!!!

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