Friday, February 22, 2008

Rude Awakening

I slept so well last night. This morning when my cell alarm went off I reached over, hit snooze and pulled it under the covers with me. Snooze was hit 4 times. When I finally decided to pull the covers off my warm body the motion of my arm movement brought an instant furrowed brow followed by a girlie grunt because my arms hurt. My shoulders hurt. My abs hurt. AND my chest muscles hurt! When I sat up and move my legs off the bed I quickly realized that my legs hurt just as much as my upper body. I don’t know what happened. Delayed response to this week’s hard workouts? I felt like I was hit by a truck – or at least that’s what I think being hit by a truck would feel like. I desperately need to soak in a hot bubble bath with lots of Epsom salt.

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