Friday, February 25, 2011

Small Glimpses

I had this long list of things that I planned on getting done today, but when my brother called early this morning and asked if I could head over to his house and help my sister-in-law with my nephew, my response was nearly reactionary. Yes! Yes! and always Yes!

Do you ever wonder if that's ever God's response to us when we call on Him? I mean... I know that at times His response is often "No" or "not now" but I wonder of His initial reaction to us when we incline our hearts toward Him. Does He immediately turn to us in the same fashion that I turn to my nephew when he lifts his little chubby arms toward me? I could have an arms full of 'whatever', but I can't think of an instance that I'd willfully turn from Daevin's request or dance or be held.

In this life I sometimes experience small glimpses of His love for me and it's sometimes overwhelmingly powerful or so subtle that it takes me a while to 'get it'. But, regardless of how the lesson is learned I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm usually a bit unbelieving that that love is really for me. (Do you ever feel that way?) Anyhow, most of those glimpses often occur when I'm working with children. There's just something about working with children that continually breaks my heart in the sweetest of ways and stirs my affections toward my Creator.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend!

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