Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sin dulce

It's official and time to post!

I.....went....the....entire Valentine 'holiday' without giving into sweet temptation!!!! I'm telling you it was EVERYWHERE I went!

This photo made me laugh.
I know her rage.
I'm not certain if she's fighting the urge or perhaps the holiday, but either way....get'em girl!

My favorite kinda sugar: This morning while at work this little boy name Rush saw me from afar and screams "Misssss Marcy!!!!!!! Happy Valentimes day!!!" as he begins to jump up and down in complete excitement. I love that little guy. He's so precious and affectionate. A boy's boy through and through, but sweet too. He's forever sneaking little hugs and kisses from me when I'm on the floor playing with the kids and he's super gentle with the little girls in our classes. When I or one of the other teachers is holding one of the smaller children, he'll generally walk over, pat them on the head and start doing this mock baby talk thing. It's quite funny considering that he's only two and a half himself.

On another note...I'm quite taken with his name. It's not his first name, but his middle, and I dig it. I may consider naming one of my boys, Rush. :) delicious thought!!

Found this flowchart amusing. Only a nerd.... kudos to the author. :)
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