Monday, February 14, 2011

Daevin Washing Dishes

This is how we hang! He's so chill.

I'll try to get a video of us cooking together, it's pretty adorable. The last time we cooked together we made quinoa salad. This little 'mixed breed' loves him some frijole negro!

quick funny: anytime I'm eating he insists in crawling onto my lap to 'assess the situation'. In this particular instance we were having Taco Bueno and he wanted a taste. We gave him a few nibbles here and there, but being the Tia that I am I decided to see how he'd react to salsa. hahaha!!! Apparently the TB salsa was a bit spicy for his taste! LOL I wish y'all could've seen it! When the taste settled on his tongue he immediately made this strange, yet surprised, cry and put his fingers in his mouth as if trying to remove whatever was biting him on his tongue. (still laughing)

I'll make it up to him by teaching him how to drive a stick shift. =)

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