Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow, Ice and more Snow

I got home Monday night after teaching and wanted nothing more than to change out of my wet suit, take a hot shower, wash my chlorine saturated skin, and settle in for the night. However, there was this constant nagging with me to get to the grocery store. Heading back out in the cold was the last thing I wanted to do, but after a few hours of fighting 'the nudge' I headed out at 10:30pm.

When I arrived at Kroger it appeared that I wasn't the only one making a late night run to stock up on groceries. I'm glad I listened to that still small voice because had I decided to follow my flesh we would've been without groceries for a number days here in Casa Infante.

Today marks day 4. Cabin fever hit pretty hard yesterday. I found this photo on facebook and thought i'd share with y'all. It's a pretty realistic depiction of how I was feeling....

I woke up refreshed today. Granted, I stayed in bed for HOURS not wanting to face another day inside, but I think God has finally gotten my very sad that it's taken so many days. I've felt His call to sit and be still with Him, but I've been lazy and distracted with absolutely nothing. I've decided to spend a good part of the rest of this day with Him.

Look forward to an upcoming post regarding a 'moment' I had at Kroger....

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Anonymous said...

love it
-Chrissy (austin)