Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How was it?

Another snow and ice storm is headed our way and my sister/roommate is headed to the grocery store to stock up before tomorrow night. While preparing the grocery list I remembered that during the last ice storm she had a crazy cravin' for ice cream, so I turned and said "Hey, do you want ice cream?"

This is how the conversation went down:
Mita pauses for a second...."Nah. I had some today."
I don't know what possessed me, but I asked "Aww. How was it?"
Without hesitation and in total seriousness she replies. "It was 3 oz. Chocolaty. Creamy.....And nice. THAT's IT!"

I just busted out laughing! I wish we had cameras on us! I'm sure we'd be millionaires.

Posted below. One of my favorite flavors! mmmmmmmmmm!!! In the words of my infamous bestie, Sara "check back in July, Marce!" =)

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