Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wrapping Up 2007

Looking back on the past couple of months it’s been pretty awesome and completely unbelievable. I can't say that my life is totally different, but in many ways it's so so very different. For instance, if someone had told me last January that the end of December 2007 I would've lost 47lbs I'd most likely smile, wish with all my heart that it would be true, but inevitably I wouldn't believe them.

During the early part of 2007 I was involved with a group called SideWire (a single’s social group organized by The Village Church) and it was there that I met Sir Chadwick. If someone had pointed him out to me and said “one day that guy will pour is life, time, energy, heart and soul into your freedom” I seriously seriously seriously would’ve doubted it. I’ve jokingly confessed to Sir Chadwick that my initial opinion of him wasn’t flattering. I judged him so harshly. My judgment stemmed for my own insecurities. Because he was athletic, because he said he was a personal trainer, because he was aloof, I thought he was self absorbed. Oh, how God has used that man to humble me… I’ve since learned but I was very very wrong about him. I keep thinking about that verse that says “Man sees the outer appearance but God sees the heart” Smack down for Marcy! Ouch!

If someone would've said to me that I'd be in a small group that I love love love love love I also wouldn't believe it. I totally begrudged home group! I was absolutely content with being a ghost at the Village church. It was so easy to come and go as I pleased. I LOVED not having true accountability. I know I used to be so shallow! :) God had other plans. He always does, doesn’t he?! Long story short I’m in a small group. I often can’t wait to get to small group. I can’t wait to see my girls. I can’t wait to talk Jesus, live life, laugh our heads off, and even cry eyes out. They've all taught me so much. I trust them. I rely on them. I need them. It’s so cool to see how only God could’ve orchestrated such a perfect union of women who are all SO DIFFERENT. We share such a special bond. Keeping our treasure would be selfish so as of January 14th we’re splitting. I had to take a quick moment before continuing to write because it saddens me to think that we’re splitting, but I’m encouraged to see what’s to come. I’ve been asked to lead this new group. I can only hope and pray that God will continue to do a mighty work within both groups. I know he will. Here's a quick picture of my girls.

Since returning from Seattle some mere 3 years ago it's pretty bizarre to see how much my life has changed. For those of you who knew me when.... you know exactly what I'm talking about. In short I was a total mess. We serve such an awesome and powerful God. Who are we that He would choose to call us His own? I’ll never understand His sovereignty but I rest in knowing that He’s got all under control.

There is so much more I could say about 2007.

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