Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spoke to soon!

Our workout tonight was certainly NOT easy. I'm thinking that my earlier post was written prematurely. There was a brief moment where I thought Sir Chadwick must've read up on this blog and was now getting me back! I'm sad to report that he hadn't read the post - he just stepped up the routine for the fun of it! How nice of him...

Wanna hear something really sick about Sir Chadwick? The poor guy was totally exhausted when he arrived at the gym. I don't know how he keeps up with his schedule. Seriously, between classes, work, church, serving and additional clients I really felt bad that he was so tired and was still faithful to meet me after his work day. However!!! don't feel too bad because the instant sweat started to drip down my face the stinker seemed to be re-energized I'd even venture to say he was almost "perky" SICKNESS!!! totally sickness!

Here are a few pictures of some of his latest "upgrades"

These are deceivingly painful and I'm still doing the modified version (knees on the floor)

Another upgrade - He added dumbbells. Not delicious!

One would think that holding a ball over your head while squatting would be relatively simple, right?!

This particular exercise causes my thighs to shake uncontrollably. Not fun but so worth the results. He's also fond of adding dumbbells or medicine balls to this exercise. Anything to keep me on my toes, right?

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Rebecca Price said...

Thanks for posting photos! I am going to have to show your blog to my trainer so that she can see that first looks really interesting! The last one--the ball squats--are a favorite of my trainer as well! She adds the twist of going down and then holding for crazy amounts of time. Then letting me come up about an inch, then holding again, then another get the point. That is the part that really kills me, but it is oh so effective!