Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spaghetti Arms

Sir Chadwick switched up the routine a bit. Any change in the routine is welcomed, yet I always have this twinge of apprehension. I always wonder “what if I can’t do this new stuff” or “Dang! What’s he’s got up his sleeve now!” My mind runs the gamut of emotions and thoughts so quickly I often forget what I’m feelings. I know women are strange that way…

We started warming up the Arc Trainer. It’s a fun little machine. I hope you picked up on the oozing sarcasm. Anyhow, we tried it a couple months ago but my body wasn’t ready for it. Apparently, now I’m ready for it… it feels like we hit that thing running on Monday. He instantly starts pushing in all these numbers to get the machine going. It asks for him for my weight and I see that the types in “325” and you know what my reaction was?!!? I started to lunge forward to say “oh wait! It’s 372.” Why in the world would I think I still weigh 372?!? Strange isn’t it? I mean it isn’t like I haven’t physically felt these past 47.4lbs dripping off my body. And, it isn’t like I haven’t reveled in each pound lost, but I still wonder what is happening in my head when my natural instinct is to say I weigh 372. Any suggestions?!

So, back to the routine….let me just tell you that it’s different. Initially I thought “wow, this isn’t that bad”……… WHATEVER!! Midway through the workout I was nasty, icky, and dripping with sweat. AND!!!! He added crunches! I knew it was just a matter of time before he incorporated those suckers! I just knew it! I’m not complaining though. The results are amazing. I feel so much better. I move better. Heck, I even look better. My face is rounding down, my upper arms are trimming/slimming, I’ve dropped at least 2 sizes and soon I’ll have to start taking my clothes to get altered because this girl isn’t buying new close until I have to.

So, Spaghetti arms…this is where the title came of this blog was birthed. I get to the office this morning and one of the guys comes over to my desk and hands me this printed email. He says “you’ve gotta read”. So, I grab the sheets from him and start reading, now mind you, I start reading the email and my arms are relaxed but firm and just a little bit away from my body, my arms start to hurt/ache so I swivel my chair around and lay my elbows on the top of my desk. I continue reading. At some point I realized that my arms continue to hurt and that for some reason I’m reading the worlds longest email ever! I can’t even focus on what I’m reading because I can’t get comfortable! Seriously, I can’t hold up 2 ,count them, 2 sheets of paper and 1 tiny staple or was it a paperclip?? – I can’t remember!! Anyhow, that’s not the point, the point is that those 2 sheets and one paperclip/staple felt like I was holding a 12lbs BABY! How sad is that!! So, hence…the spaghetti arms.

Random Info: The phase spaghetti arms came to life one summer while watching the movie Dirty Dancing on continual repeat with my siblings and cousin. Good times! Lots of living room dancing and movie quoting/singing… Oh, to be 10 again.

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Uyen said...

You are such an inspiration to me.
P.S. I love Dirty Dancing!!