Friday, August 24, 2007

Say No to PiYO!

During my workout with Mike on Thursday morning I told him I was going to join a friend for the 6:45pm PiYo class at Northlaks. His initial reaction - raised eyebrows.

Lemme tell you.....Say No to PiYo! As I mentioned yesterday I knew that inappropriate laughter was going to be an issue and it certainly was for the first 5 minutes. I conquered that battle once I couldn't breath. Breathing is quite important to me. The class started out well, we sat on some old dirty mats, removed our shoes, and started stretching. I could do all that with no problem. Score!

Our instructor then pushed play on her little pink cd player and I swear it sounded like screeching tires, tortured crickets with a hint of a flat bagpipe as a subtle, yet not so subtle, undertone. Moving forward - the we roll onto all fours. I'm so glad that no one was behind me...that would've been sooooo awkward. I'm able to keep up with most of the exercises until she says "downward dog". I was like, what's a downward dog? It should've been called upward rear! It looked easy enough....and i'm sure it would've been had I not been wearing socks!! I couldn't keep my feet from sliding off the mat or my hands from getting sweaty. Needless to say I was in the middle of a losing battled headed straight for a face full of floormat.

Overall, I had an ok time. I'm not exactly sure where Yoga fits with our Christian beliefs but I meditated on the things of the Lord. I doubt I'll be returning. The last image I have in my head are the gymnasium lights. There are 15 lights total on half of the gym, 5 rows of yellow columns, and 1 basketball hoop, and I think they should consider a fresh coat of paint. I was able to take inventory in while we "letting our bodies heal" followed by "loving ourselves into great balance" what does that mean?!?! All is well. I had a great ab workout and some good laughs.


Kendra said...

That's real funny. Way to try the new thing. I didn't even have to read the article. The picture gave it all away. You should search for pictures before you try these crazy classes. Some of them are for contortionists only!

Tracey Clifton said...

ROFL...I love your description of that class. I had a similar expirence my first time in YOGA. I loved it and kept going back becuase I was determined to WIN...You'll go back someday and enjoy it more and laugh as you remember your first attempt. I chose a class that was way to hard for a beginner and damn near killed myself trying to keep up. When it was over I was light headed and could barely breathe I had to wait 20 min before I could drive home and I didnt know a soul in the class and secretly I was happy about that.