Saturday, August 11, 2007

My buns are burnin'

Yesterday’s work out was hard!!! We did our regular 30 minute cardio then Mike (trainer) usually takes me to one of the extra rooms and we’ll do this routine that includes LOTS of side steps, med balls and as of Thursday stretchy bands. When we were told that the rooms were occupied I instantly thought “ok, great we’ll cut it short today!” Not so much… Mike immediately turned and opened the door to the weight room. I then thought he’ll probably go in and grab a ball or stretchy band and we’ll use one of the long hallways. Wrong again! He held the door open and I slowly realized that he was waiting for me. Duh! I should’ve known the boy had a plan B. I do have to admit that I was a bit hesitant about going in there. I can’t exactly explain why but, believe it or not I was a little shy. I know shy doesn’t exactly describe my personality and it does happen on occasion and yesterday was one of those rare occasions.

So, I followed closely behind him. He stopped and reached for one of those stepping block deals. I thought surely he’s just moving it out of the way to grab whatever was behind it…yet again, I WAS WRONG. I also noticed that he grabbed the building blocks that make the step deal higher – take note that I don’t exactly know the proper terms for these particular pieces of equipment. So, follow along as best as you can. He then precedes to leads me to one corner of the gym. I stand back and let him step up his torture devices. When he’s done he turns around and I notice that he’s rather pleased with himself. I could almost swear that he looks forward to seeing me squirm. He energetically claps his hands and says “ok, we we’re going to do some circuit training today.” I was like “what?”

So, long long long long story short it starts off like this:

20 step ups on left leg, leaning forward slightly, squeezing abs and gluts
20 step ups on right leg – same info as above
5 bonus steps per legs…yeah, these were deliciously painful!
Followed by wall push ups
Then the dreaded med ball
Lastly, the stretchy band with little squats

That was just round one. I think we did 3 sets of the entire routine I can’t remember because it’s become a mental block and I’m trying to bury it way deep. On the very very very last set he ended with the med ball. Standing with my feet hip length apart, leaning forward, holding the 4,000 lbs med ball over my head, squatting slightly, hold in my abs, and trying to breath he says to me “ok, Marce you’re doing great! Now don’t forget to squeeze your gluts”. I laugh as I write this because at the time it wasn’t so funny but now it’s almost hysterical. He’s asking me to squeeze my gluts!! Is he serious?!?! I had NO CONTROL of my gluts. My entire body was shaking. When I say I couldn’t, I really really mean that I couldn’t!! I didn’t know what was going on. It’s so funny. I’m trying. I’m really trying but it was taking all I had within me just to keep the ball over my head, to keep my legs from buckling and to breath. It was the longest 30 seconds I’ve ever felt. I don’t even know if my brain even knew where to locate my buns. He counts down and says, “ok, great job!! We’re done” I was still in the same stance. I couldn’t get up. I felt like a sack of bones. It wasn’t until he came over and took the med ball that I was able to push up and drop my arms down to my waist. Good stuff.

As we were walking out I felt so good! I’m not sure if it was the endorphins kicking in but I could almost breathe deeper and walk faster. However, I still couldn’t feel my buns.  I hope y’all enjoyed reading this. If you ever want a reenactment…….. don’t ask!

Current Weight: 366.6lbs :)
Lost: 5.4lbs


Tracey Clifton said...

We need a picture of THAT!!! lol...ok now i forget...i know you told me the time but i do not know where to go...want me to come this weekend to take pics?

nicole said...

Oh man!! I just might make the trip out to Denton early one morning in order to get a front row seat at your next buns of steel workout! Way to go on your weight loss-keep it up!

KimBeau Hughes said...

that is awesome! i MUST come to a workout with you two sometime. maybe we could all 3 do a circuit workout! cant wait!
you are doing great girl. i am so excited!

Hwa said...

You need to ask Robin to tell you that story of me in my running class in college after I was forced to do leg presses by an army ranger... So trust me I know the hurt of which you speak.

My way of dealing was to curl up into the fetal position and cry... except I couldn't really move my legs so I just kinda laid there and wept, which was decidedly less melodramatic...

sara said...

Marcy - you rock!!
Remember - No pain, no gain!! I'm thinking you should maybe write a book about your have a very graphic way of expressing yourself when you want to...
Who knows - you could help other people going through the same struggles, and become a millionaire all at once - sounds like a good plan, huh?!
You are doing so fabulous - I'm so proud of you for sticking with it!! Remember we are cheering you on!! Love ya!

Lisa Crane said...

Lisa Crane has sent you a link to a blog:

Hey Marcy Friend!!! Thank you so much for including me in this challenge you are taking on right now! I am so encouraged by you sharing, and I am even more encouraged and challenged by the discipline you have displayed over the last several weeks. You have challenged me! Please keep me posted!