Thursday, April 21, 2011


The preschool where I teach a few times a week had a an Easter egg hunt today. It's apparent that the competitive spirit starts earrrrrly.

Anyhow, after the hunting was had a particularly excited little boy comes running toward me with a pretty plastic egg in hand and screaming "Miss Maaaahcy, Miss Maaaahcy, wook at my eggs!" I'm smiling in his direction, but conversing with another teacher when suddenly, in what I can only imagine is his overwhelming sense of excitement, he uppercuts me (plastic egg in hand) right into my girlie business. I can't remember if it was the surprise or the slight pain that caused me to double over so quickly but rather suddenly I was just inches from his chubby 3 year old face. He then looks down at his egg and said "Oh!!.... thank you for opening my egg!"

.........glad I could help him with that! :/

I guess it was best that it was me and not one of the male pastors on staff. haha!

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