Saturday, April 9, 2011

A new favorite song!

Something you may not know about me, when I dig a new song I listen to it endlessly! Like, it'll literally be on repeat for hours maybe even days. It drives my roommate/sister absolutely bananas! I sometimes have to wear headphone in order to prevent her from loathing a once loved song. Creative compromise, I'm ok with it!

Anyhow, this is Francesca Battistelli's - This is The Stuff
I hope you love it, it's catchy and sweet and totally makes me wanna dance with God. Do you think He's a good dancer? I wonder if He'd twirl with me. =) precious unimagined thought until now. I like it!

In recent news
I've royally sucked with fasting. I haven't actually taken a nose dive into eating ice cream or actually going on a date, but I've been flirting with disaster and failure these last two weeks. It's so funny how the Holy Spirit ever so subtly and consistently nudges our hearts in the right direction. My friend, Leilani, who is currently vacationing in Florida, sent me a sweet email wanting to know how I was doing and right as she was ending her email she asks "Hey, how is the fast going?" I couldn't help smile at the sweetness in her question and at the realization that a genuine friend keeps you accountable.

On that note.... I was recently spiritually slammed (in a good way) by a genuine friend. this particular 'slammage' made me literally say "! what a stud!!!" My childhood friend, Josiah, recently posted something on fb that caught my attention and without a second thought I responded. (see below)

  • Marcy Infante Sorry, friend. that's never fun. I've been thinking about you lately. How are you?
    April 5 at 4:03pm ·
  • Josiah now still have almost three whole months to go. Stay true to your decisions.
    April 5 at 5:49pm ·

For as long as I can remember him I've always admired his walk with Christ. He and his older brother, Josh, were certainly two of the few guys/people in school that I knew without a doubt that were the 'real deal'! Admirable men to say the least. Anyhow, back to his cut to the quick and was an instant reminder that this quest wasn't over despite my short comings. I can't help but feel so much admiration for a man, friend, fellow believer who keeps it real and lovingly keeps their friends in line. Total hotness factor, regardless of gender!

to all my friends (family included) that keep me in check, I couldn't do this life without you.

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