Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Texas Flour Tortillas - tested

Sooooo, I tried the recipe I was tellin' y'all about in my last post and........

this is how it went.
Rollin' it out.
Here's a tip:
Much like rollin' out pie crust you gotta make sure that you're rollin' pin & 'area' are lightly dusted with flour. This'll keep the tortillas from sticking.

Once, you've rolled them out (ultra thinly) place them on super hot comal (cast iron griddle). I tried the on my electric griddle and it just wasn't the same. :(

30 seconds on each side.
If you've done it right you'll see some bubbling action within a few seconds

Here's a video to let you know how it officially went down!

As you can tell I was a bit excited! =)

Ren, it worked! No lard. No Shortening!
Another quick tip. Do NOT try to roll them out and cook them at the same time! It wont be pretty. I speak from experience!

See how this tortilla is lightly burned? There's an actual name for that and it's called "Charlie Brown". When my dad orders his breakfast tacos He'll usually order like this "Dame un taco de barbacoa. Pero lo quiero medio Charlie Brown." LOL! How's that for Spanglish! Any good south Texan server will know that he's asking for a a lightly toasted barbacoa taco. I bet I just learned ya something, huh? :) My dad is also one of those weirdos who can't stand his flour tortillas chewy and soft. psh! He just don't know!

If you're chompin' at the bit to try this recipe you'll be able to find it here on the HomesickTexan blog!

I'm so excited!! I'm thinking tortillas #2 is in order!

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