Monday, April 11, 2011

The New American Reality

This video was brought to my attention and I loved it!

It reminded me of who I once was....I haven't always loved the fact that I'm bicultural. Somewhere between my freshman and sophomore year in college it dawned on me that God, in his infinite sovereignty chose to make me exactly who I am. He chose every minor detail of the physical body that makes me, Marcy, from the the lone dimple on my left cheek, to the hot mess of curly hair on my head, the love dots (beauty marks/moles whatever you wanna call them) that certain parts of my body all the way down to my piglets. It also blows my mind that He would've chosen such an amazing family to raise us Infante's in. We didn't have much money growing up, but we never-ever-never-never-ever lacked love. I can't imagine life with another sister or brother or even parents...

Since that realization I like to believe that I'm a different person. I have learned to love and embrace my bi(+multi)culturalism. It makes me smile when I think about the fact that I always choke up while singing the Star Spangled Banner, or while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, or while listening to a good Mariachi group and even while watching a folklorico performance.

I'm a hot messy mixture of a lot of different things, but the one that matters the most to me is who I am as a believer. Being a Christian isn't a part of who I am. It is who I am.

on another note! today is glorious! It feels just like California. Sun is shining, wind is blowing and the temps are perfect! It's a dang good day to be a Texan! :)

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