Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm falling apart! My left knee has been slightly hurting for sometime now. And, just recently both of my shoulders have started pinching during push ups and even swimming. I wonder what I've done to myself.... Looks like I need to see my massage therapist Jenny Windle!

On other news. White Rock is hosting a half and full marathon this December. One of my "to do" items for 2008 was to finish a half! If anyone is interested in doing long and slow walks with me on Saturday mornings please let me know. When I say long I mean about 6 miles. I haven't even walked more than that, that I know of. And, because it's getting so warm out there I'd say we should get started about .....I dunno, like 3 am!!! =)

OH! And Congrats to the Rozell's!!! They're expecting another baby!!!!


Kendra said...

You know I love long walks! I just did 7m the other day. My friend Peggy and I have been doing about 4 on Saturday mornings. I'm up for it!

I was thinking about running white rock. We'll see.


The Rozell Family said...

awww thanks Marcy for the congrats on your blog:) you are so sweet! I am signed up to do teh half marathon. SInce I am pregnant and will be about 7 months pregnant at the race I will be going MUCH slower than usual. Maybe we could plan on walking/jogging the race together

Brad & Jen Windle said...

you know where to find me! ;)

Robin said...

I wanna walk with you. ...and you know I'm all about early mornings!!