Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm sorry did you say....?

It's 9:19 am. I just placed a call to a possible new dub house. The conversation went something like this.

Receptionist: Good Morning. Thank you for calling ___ ___.
Me: Hi. I need to speak with Jeff, please.
Receptionist: Ummm. Ok? Welllll, he's like currently in a session right now.
Me: Ok.
Receptionist: Would you like to leave him a msg?
Me: Yes. Thank you.
Receptionist: Ok. Oh. Hold on. (She puts me on a hold a few seconds and I'm beginning to wonder why she sounds so confused.) Ok. Your name please?
Me: Marcy Infante with Media Source.
Receptionist: Oh, Ok. (she begins to scribble then I hear a pause...) Umm did you say Marcy from Bombay?

AhaHAHahaha!! I guess Bombay and Infante almost sound alike, don't they? Oh, what a great laugh to help kick off this morning.


The Mays Family said...

That was funny, but can you tell me what a dub house is?

Marcy said...

In the advertising world we often need to have radio and TV spots produced. "Dub House" is just a term we use to indicate the place of business that we're going to get our spots produced. They often provide us with voice talent and all the cool effects that make a commerical a commerical.