Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Diamond Back

I should've posted this last week but I've been way busy playing! I have recently acquired a Diamond Back-Sorrento moutain bike!! Sweet, huh?!

My sister just about died when I told her that I was getting a bike because she seems to be under the impression that I'm a bit clumsy. Well, I can't fault her because I've had my moments in history involving bicycles followed by a few months in casts! Ok, so I'm a little bit of a sketchy cyclist!

I've gone out the GreenBelt a few times and have riden around my side of North Denton. I generally try to head out at night when I'm not able to be seen nor laughed at by passersby! haha I'm still a bit awkward on it but I'm getting better. The only parts of my body that seem to suffer at the moment are my palms from all the pressure of leaning forward and my *ahem * "girlie parts". =)

PS if you just so happen to see me laying on the side of the road please be kind and help me!!! Once I'm in the safety of my home then and only then do you have permission to laugh your @#$ off! ok? =)

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