Tuesday, January 4, 2011


These photos make me smile!

Uyen, showing off her fancy pantene hair. I had so much relaxed fun at her wedding reception. I heart this woman, big time!
Roddey. Messed with the bull and got the horns! Just kidding! I mess with him all the time for no apparent reason. I thought he'd look cute sportin' a pair of kid swim goggles. The teal goggles + his purple monkey = one hot mess! We're so much alike it's crazy! (Minus the dry humping...I don't dry hump! lol)
Mita!!! I love you most of the time!
Nolan. He's cool. He's messed up in the head. He was the cutest puppy, next to his daddy Texas, of course. Oh! and Roddey! (Roddey was completely delicious when he was a puppy!)If I had a bigger place I'd consider calling him my own, but I highly doubt my sister-in-law and nephew would part with him. He's fun to walk with and semi "special" to jog with. He gets easily spooked and hasn't quite figured out that running directly into and clipping the person that's jogging beside him is highly dangerous. It's especially dangerous if said jogger is a BBW! He just don't know!! If all this woman went down because of him....you better believe he's gonna feel it cause I'm gonna make for dang sure I land on him! =)
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