Sunday, January 30, 2011


For as long as I can remember my family has always thought it incredibly funny to tickle me. I'm sure it started with my dad. He's infamous for diggin' his fingers into my neck and causing me to go into a squirming fit. It's not my favorite tradition...

In the photo above is my cousin, Dezmin, in a sly attempt to tickle me. He's always been particularly drawn to me and has been incredibly sweet and affectionate, but in spite of all his sweetness this little sucker is also the little brother I'm thankful I never had. :)

Dezmin and a few members of the new generation have picked up on the tickle Marcy tradition. During one of his tickle attempts we jokingly wrestled around for a bit until I pushed him to the ground. He hit the ground a bit harder than expected, but what made us laugh was my instant reaction to the situation.

As he was sprawled on the floor looking up at me in complete surprise as I said "Look what you did! You made me push apologize!!"
With total shock and amazement at what I had just said, he laughingly replied with "Whhhhaaaat?!?!? You did it!!!!"

LOL! life is so good as an Infante!
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