Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost In Translation

While starting a round of leg extensions a friend approached me to see how training was going. I was trying to focus on the set, but he kept asking me questions, to which I answered with nods, forced smiles or shoulder shrugs. So much for gym etiquette... he wasn't getting the hint so I took a quick break to chit chat. Our conversation was pretty standard, but he said something as he was leaving that caught my attention. He said "Ok. Well, have a goodnight. échale ganas."

échale ganas. I kept repeating it to myself, understanding fully what he was saying to me in Spanish, but when the thought was considered in English all meaning vanished from me. It's a difficult phrase to accurately translate because it can easily mean so many things, and it occurs to me that yet again the English language is sometimes flavorless. In this particular instance he was telling me to give it my all, hit it hard, do my best, etc.... Even as I translate for you, I feel like it's still not enough to fully describe what he was saying to me. It's almost as if it means, give it my all with an extra measure of something much deeper, more positive and hopeful. Work harder than hard!

To all my ladies who are climbing those mountains and waiting it out - échale ganas.

Love y'all.

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