Friday, January 28, 2011

Delicious Denton Day

Low 7o's in Denton. The sun is shining and the 'winder' is blowin' just perfectly! Today is delicious! Hung around the house for a little today and decided that there was nothing that couldn't wait until later to finish. Changed, grabbed my keys and yelled for the boys, and we were headed to the dog park!

The boys (Roddey & Parker) were pretty chill today. I generally have to keep my eye on Roddey as he's infamously sneaky! He somehow learned how to open adjoining gates and escape to greener pastures, but today he was chill. He sniffed, played and mostly seemed content to bask in the sunshine. Parker was just as chill, but then again he's always been chill and rarely gets in trouble, much like his momma.

While enjoying the world I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Parker Poo Poo and his new beagle friend simultaneously stopped playing, faced the sunshine, closed their eyes and sniffed the air for a few seconds. When the sniffing ended this sweet breeze blew by....I couldn't help but wonder what it was they smelled or how they new it was coming or what was it in the air...they made it look so tempting. I couldn't help but think of God.

I don't know why, but He was very near in that moment. Do you think animals are aware of his presence? Rocks will sing His praises if we don't, so why not animals? :)

Other things that made this day great:
My brother called and taught me about Pirate English on Facebook! This may be old news, but it's new news to me and I love reading things like
Cap'n Marcy Infante or Cap'n Sara Lowry

Me Hearties (439) (apparently friends are now called hearties. I love it!!)
Gained knowledge doin' Health Studies at Texas Woman's UniversityBeen sailin' since Octobarrr 17

When I said I liked an art project my friend Cassie created I got this in return "Yar scurvey self be aprreciat'in this."

When my status was liked I read this
PacoandTami , Nick, Khela Huntsinger an' 4 other mateys be likin' this ere' scroll.
Margene , Kara an' 2 other mateys be takin' a fancy t' this 'ere.

I'm so easily amused!

I had wheat pancakes for lunch.

My hair is messy, but it looks sorta nice. I'll take it!! haha

My sister came in and we had a good catch up conversation. I've missed these. She's been a bit stressed since school started.

While talking to her I said "I have a confession." She immediately assumed the worst and started asking a million questions. When I shared my confession she and I were both surprised to see how much my heart has changed. There was a time when a "confession" was most likely linked to sexual sin, this wasn't the case today. I hadn't realized how much He's changed my heart....

Another funny moment occurred during our conversation when I noticed her lovingly closing her eyes, shaking her head from side to side while pursing her lips together. I stopped talking and asked what she was doing. She replied "I was mentally hugging you for being such a good girl."

My super chica Uyen came over after dinner to take my sister out on a frozen yogurt date, and I'm assuming Yogurt Fusion, they're fav hangout. When she came to greet me in my bedroom she noticed my desk and laughed. I had an odd assortment scattered across my desk like a Clorox spray bottle, Windex, a plate (from my lunch panckes), a starbucks mug, a decanter, floss, and make up. :) I'd offer to take and post a picture, but that's just embarrassing!

I'm off to have breakfast for dinner with some friends in Irving tonight! See ya!

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