Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting Room

Contractions are closer and closer. My poor sister-in-law is such a ninja. She's quietly enduring the pain. My brother is silently sitting at her side just holding her hand. I can't help but wonder....when did he become a man?

It feels like it was just yesterday that he was my punk brother nemesis. Y'all wouldn't even be able to understand nor believe how often and how hard he and I fought. I have to half smile just thinking about the chaos growing up in our home. I sometimes miss those days.

I miss his baseball games.
I miss atomic fireballs that took me half a day to finish.
I miss sunflower seeds.
I miss walking to our local swimming pool.
I miss living in my swim suits.
I miss eating bologna and cheese sandwiches with wrinkled wet fingers.
I miss the smell of chlorine in the morning.
I miss the way the sun would wipe us out after a long day in the water.
I miss sweet sun kissed skin.
I miss playing Marco Polo.
I miss hanging out at the bottom of the pool watching people swim above me.
I miss the sound of our home waking up on a Saturday morning before a swim meet.
I miss my mom braiding my hair....even those she'd braid it so tight that I'd end up looking Asian!
I miss the sound of my dad singing down the hallway.
I miss childhood.

It'll be interesting to relive it through this next generation. I hope they (our future children) will have as much fun as we once did and continue to have. My heart is aching to start this next chapter.

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Sara said...

I totally agree!! except for the Marco Polo thing - stupid game...