Tuesday, June 23, 2009


5am my cell phone alarm goes off and I'm so sleepy I just kept letting it ring. I finally rolled over and turned on my lamp. It's official....I'm getting up but you better believe that I hoped that Angie B (my optimistic "wogging" partner) would text to say that she was dead or something! :)

You know it's going to be a hot day when one is hot and sticky at 5:30am.

These two FREAKIN' frogs always seem to be the same spot every Tuesday and Thursday!! I don't like them!!! Eww just thinkin' about them gives me the heebee-jeebies! It's their beady eyes, lips, face, legs, skin...it's their everything! Ok. I'm fine. really! next subject!

Angie, also affectionately known as Andrea, is almost as bad as Sir Chadwick with one HUGE exception! She smiles when she's torturing me where Chadwick wouldn't smile but instead got this wicked gleam in his eyes when he was killing me dead! Y

I'm proud to say that we jogged quite a bit this morning. And by "quite a bit" I mean by my standards which was from lamp post to lamp post in intervals. Oh yeah....good times! I was breathing like a mad woman and sweatin' like a pork chop in a smoke house, but in the end I felt great!

I finally hit a good brick training. After our 2 mile wog I did a 4 mile bike ride. I so much prefer riding to wogging. For real!

On another note Chadwick and I are swimming. He asked me to help him become a better swimmer and I can't even tell you how sweet it's been to bust his chops in the water. I'm sad to report that only after a few weeks the man is a becoming an amazing swimmer. He can almost keep pace with me on 50meters, granted he is quite a bit taller than I am and happens to possess long monkey arms! I'm proud of him. Way to go, Mikey! And, by "way to go" I mean get yourself ready...reverse trainer day is going to be a BLAST!!! haha!

Ummmm, Eureka park is not joking about preserving a natural habitat. Last Friday night I came across a snake, a raccoon and a HUGE coyote! Don't you think it's so odd that I don't flip out about snakes but when I encounter a frog I become the ultimate girlie girl? It seems that these last few mornings that I've met with Angie and we've come across those stubborn frogs you'll find me whining "Ahhhh! Angie!! Get it!!!" She'll usually just laugh and stomp them away....that's my cue to squeal on by!

What else is going on?.... Oh yeah! Big news!! Our family is expecting our nephew on Wednesday!! It still hasn't hit me that we're going to have an addition to the Infante family. I hope he has the cutest and most chubby legs! I hope that he has the best smile! I hope he loves the Lord with a burning passion. I hope he's magnetic! And, I hope that he drives my brother bananas!!! ;) Love you, David!

Oh, and it was fun running into some other close friends (Sara & Ren) at Eureka this morning. My heart swells everytime I think about how blessed I am (we are) to have such wonderful friends! God is good. All the time!


Anonymous said...

God is very GOOD my friend! I thank him everyday for the people he has placed in my life and the wonderful experiences we get to live!

Angie said...

I made the blog! Yahoo. I'm glad to torture whenever you need a little pushing. I know you don't like me when I'm doing it, but that makes it more fun! :)

Sara said...