Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Parker Poo Poo

This picture caught my eye today. Anytime the blinds are drawn and the sun is shining this is where you'll find my sister's sun devil. He'll lay in the sun until his ears and belly are bright red. When he gets really really hot he'll lay there and just pant. That's our que to remove him from the sun...I'm certain he'd lay there 'til he was crispy piece of bacon.

His Name: Parker formerly known as the artist...Cashew
His Nicknames:
Parker Poo Poo
Little PP
Mr. Anderson
I know I'm forgetting a few.....
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David said...

I call him Parker Vagina now.

Marcy said...

David....You're so gross!!

Margarita Infante said...

Shut it David!!!

Marcy, when do we ever call Parker Mr. Anderson!?!

I do like this picture a lot, very cute. I'm sorry he loves the sun so much, he can't help it! It's like swimming for you, you can't just stand by the pool and not jump in! You know what i'm talking about ;)

Sara said...

That's an awesome photo!!