Monday, June 15, 2009

Sad Fact

As you know I was working from Panera for most of the day while our Internet was down at the office. Allow me to recap my nutritional disaster........................

8:15am * Hungry and ready to eat me a bagel*
On my way to the counter I noticed a cute baked egg souffle! I asked the cashier-checker chica what she thought of them and she highly recommended the spinach and bacon souffle. So, I said "I think I'll try that. it looks pretty...." She then asks "will that be all?" I hesitant and look to my left where i notice the yummy bagels. I say "I'll also take a cinnamon crunch bagel and a small hazelnut cream cheese. OH, and a coffee." BTW I hardly EVER ....EVER crave coffee today it sounded yummy....
*side note.... The souffle was "eh...." and the bagel was yummy! yes, i ate it all! I even finger licked the hazelnut cream cheese tub. Sick. I know.*

1:45pm I'm sorta hungry but not really....I got a msg that the net was fixed at the office and thought that i'd better grab some lunch now before heading out to the office. Whatever!! should'nt have done it!

I got the pick two. 1/2 Chicken Cobb Salad & 1/2 Broccoli Cheddar Soup ....with more bread.
I wasn't all that hungry but everything tasted so yummy. Gluttony was in full effect! Oh, and i failed to mention just now that I also ordered (which I NEVER do) a .99 cent Toffee Nut cookie!

Cookie was devoured around 3:30.

3:45pm My jeans are uncomfortable. I'm feeling icky....this wild idea runs through my mind. Yeah...I should track my points.

I just tracked my points. I wanna die! And, I want y'all to feel the agony with me... Here goes!

Order of madness goes as follows: Calories, Fat, Fiber = Point Value

Spinach & Bacon Souffle - 570, 37g, 2g = 14 points!!! so not worth it in the end....
Cinnamon Crunch Bagel - 430, 8g, 3g = 9 points!! Was it worth it? hellz ya!
Hazelnut Cream Cream - 200, 19g, 0g = 6 points. I could've easily only had half and been totally satisfied! glutton = Marcy....
Hazelnut Coffee - i didn't even track this sucker.... i had 2 cups. I don't want to know.

Chicken Cobb Salad - 490, 35g, 3g (full serving size) = 12 points. I had a 1/2 svg.
Broccoli Cheddar Soup - 290, 16g, 7g (full serving) = 6 points for 12 oz. Not sure if this for the large bowl or the small
French Baguette - 150, 0g, 1g - 3 points = yes, so worth it!

Ready for the damage? A total of 55 points were consumed thus far!!!! I'm allowed 38 points per day. It's amazing how much my brain can wrap around the points value. If I had better eating habits and chose to eat more whole foods and less processed foods I wouldn't have the needs for point tracking, but because my brain fails to function well in understanding foods and because my heart isn't submitting to the authority of Christ in the area of food my body is suffering....

When will the madness end?

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