Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tri Pictures

I realize this post is about a week and a day short of posting! In many ways I still can't believe that it's finished! You'll find the very short version of the story here as I'm posting in between work projects. That's me #950!
This is my transition area.
Sorta like my locker in between events. Such a complicated deal...

Paulina and I!
I haven't seen her since college!
It was so wild running into her at a cycling training in Richardson.

I'm in this group somewhere...
The water WAS SOOOOOO FREAKIN' COLD! I can't even thinking about it....it was painful, icky, murky and it literally took my breath way!
If you squint you'll see me about to run over the kayak! Seriously, if they seem me coming get the heck out of my way! I couldn't see inches in front of me.
Warm body and freezing ass cold water = foggy goggles!

Rounding the last bit of the 300 meters.
Does it look cold? WELL....IT WAS!

Ok, incredibly ROUGH picture of me.... No matter! I'm headed out of the water to the biking portion. I couldn't hardly move my legs after swimming. My muscles were painfully frozen.
I"m headed out on the 6 mile cycling portion. I had a mild panic attack about not getting up the first hill and I almost quit because of my pride. I did have to jog my bike up the first hill but never had to hop off again! I even made it up the monster hill that I was most worried about! That was so totally Jesus!

Event #2 DOWN!!!! Now on to the 2 M jog/walk! By the time I racked my bike I couldn't hardly feel my legs. Walking up the course for walking portion felt like I was carrying two 50lb children on each leg. I moved slowly but I got there...

Almost there!!!!!

This photo almost has me in tears each time I see it!
Thank you Nicole and Margo for documenting this for me!

Post Race photo with my super cool King Tut Tri Medal...
Ok it was more like a KEY CHAIN but heck I wore it anyway!

Post Post Race headed back to my car. Check out all the bikes!!!!

I can't thank you enough for all the support that was given to me during this training and triathlon! I'm overwhelmed by the love that has been gifted to me. Ok, I can't start crying again...I love y'all!


sara said...

You are amazing!!!

The Mays Family said...

oh my goodness!!! you are an amazing person and you should be so proud of yourself. I am so proud of you. congratulations!!!!!!

Peggy said...

thanks for finally posting! and whoever the superstars are who documented it in pictures deserve major kudos! i'm proud of you, marcy!

nicole said...

It's about time you put them up!! I can't express how proud I am of you! I would get up at the butt crack of dawn any day to see you accomplish your goals again and again! GO MARCY!!

Anonymous said...

this was so fun to look through - congratulations, marcy! you are so beautiful and im so proud of you! :)

The Rozell Family said...

marcy Holy Cow, you are AWESOME!!!! What an inspiration you are! I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to do a tri! I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

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