Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pre Race

It's 11pm. Currently packing my bag for tomorrow. I can't believe it's finally here.

I know I've been really quiet this week and it was mostly due to a minor/major freak on Tuesday night. I went, with a friend, to check out the bike course and literally had a panic attack when I realized that I wasn't ready nor prepared for this race. She was sweet to point out that!!!

For the course of my life I've always put forth minimum effort and have expected maximum results. The first time I got to see the results of honest hard work was when I was training with Mike (aka Sir Chadwick). Anyhow, long story short.... I tried to quit the triathlon. Thankfully, people like my sister and Sir Chadwick wouldn't let me.

I'll have to share more tomorrow POST TRIATHLON!!!

My wave starts at 7:05am. Water temperature is expected to be in the very low 60's. Please, pray that both in my heart and mind that my focus will be for the glory of God. He's give me the desire to do this thing....and I'm doing it!!!

I love y'all. I can't even tell you how much my heart swells in remembering the support that has been poured into me. You too are all a gift from God.

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nicole said...

I'm up....I'm up. JEEZ I don't think I ever got up this early when we were in college! I LOVE YOU MAN! Go Marcy Go!