Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I woke feeling pretty neglected and beat down this morning. And, honestly, I had no intention of sharing any of this today.

One of my biggest concerns is my first Triathlon on April 19th. I know this is going to sound so dumb but I'm sure many of you will be able to relate. I've mostly been worried about what people are going to think when they see me in a suit... OR! what if the course is too difficult on the cycling portion and I'm unable to finish?

God, in His infinite wisdom and cleverness, used facebook to get my butt in gear. I noticed on the top right hand corner of my page that there was a advertisement for TriJungle, a triathlon accessory site. I decided to check out the site, then was inspired to google "plus size tri suits" which took me to to this site. While on that site I found myself reading down the message board and was discouraged to find that most the suits were still to small for me. I continued reading and was completely encouraged when I noticed that one user had found a company called Junonia which carried exactly what I needed!!!! Here's a picture of the suit I'll be wearing. I know it's a bit flashy but I'll take what I can get right now. The suit has been ordered and it's being shipped to me in 6-10 business days! *so nervous!*

Ok, last bit of inspiration.... While on the first site I also found an article called "Never To Big To Tri" needless to was exactly what I needed. His story moved me to tears.

I know that I've pasted a million and one hyperlinks, sorrrry!! I tried to keep this post short and sweet....

Next Step. Register for the Triathlon - TODAY!

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