Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Master Cleanse V

I hope you can appreciate this story as much as I have... I went to Sprouts last night because I needed to load up on some oranges for today's diet change. While at Sprouts I also decided to take care of a few regular groceries. I noticed some black seedless grapes and remembered that they're my sister's favorite. So, without thinking I pinched one off for a little taste. I seriously don't like sour grapes. Before I knew or even realized it I had both eaten and NOT SAVORED my one and only bite since Friday!

First I was scared that I was going to make myself totally sick. Secondly, I was appalled that I didn't spend anytime really thinking about how good it might have tasted had I not been in robot shopping mode. I was so sad.... I waited for something traumatic to happen. I waited some more. Kept on waiting as I felt the grape slip down my esophagus down into my empty stomach.... still waiting. Nothing.

Ok, I can't totally say that nothing happened but I'm not totally sure it was the grape's fault because it might have been just the normal way of things these days. So, after leaving Sprouts I'm driving down toward 407 (headed the back way to Denton) when suddenly..... I HAD TO GO!!! I made a B Line to Target, parked my car, and nearly ran to the restrooms and for a split second I smiled to myself because I realized I was walking much much faster than I had in a long long time.... I'm so grateful to be able to move but that's another story. Anyhow, I survived last night with flying colors.

Reintroducing food into my system today. I started off with my regular lemonade this morning but for the rest of the day I have drink fresh orange juice. The orange juice is supposed to prepare my digestive tract for broth and maybe some veggies tomorrow.

This morning I got on the scale to find that I had lost more weight. When I initially stood on the scale it said 303.3 and I swear I double blinked just to make sure i wasn't seeing things. So, I got off the scale and reweighed myself to find that I wasn't as 303.3 but at 305.6. I'm totally OK with that! The extra weight loss puts me at a total of 14.2 lbs down since Saturday morning.

It's been motivating to see the scale moving again. I had almost forgotten how good it feels.

Well, thanks for thinking of me and thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to post a picture that my sister took of me a few days ago. She laughs so hard every time she takes a peek of it on her digital camera. I haven't seen it yet but she's made me promise I'd post and blog about it.... it can't be good if she's laughing that hard.

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The Rozell Family said...

GOOD JOB MARCY!!!! I am so proud of you. As soon as I am not pregnant or nursing I will be doing the master cleanse again too! Maybe you, me and Jen can all cleanse together!