Sunday, October 5, 2008

Master Cleanse II

I more than survived day one of the Master Cleanse and i'm rounding off day two. Yesterday I decided to sleep in a little longer than usual and I got out of bed at 9am and started my day with the sea salt internal wash (which still tastes nasty nasty NASTY!!!). I totally forgot to weigh myself before beginning my day so when I stepped on the scale (after drinking 32 0z) I came in at 319.8lbs.

The lemonade (10 oz of purified water, 2 tbs of grade B maple syrup, 1/10 tsp of cayenne pepper and 1/2 orangic fresh lemon) is pretty tasty!! I really enjoy it and I think I'll most likely drink it on a regular basis even after the fast is finished. I had about 6-7 servings of the lemonade throughout the day yesterday and thank God I didn't eat anything!!

It's about 5:36 right now and I'm still on the cleanse. It's hard for my head to wrap around the idea that I haven't needed to eat yet. I have mild cravings but I don't feel like I'm desperate for food. Anytime i feel hungry I just make myself another serving of the lemonade and it fixes the urge to eat. The only things I'm seriously craving right now are roasted red bell pepper hummus and a loaf of french baguette.

My goal is to make it past tomorrow. if I can go longer then I'll push myself to complete the full 10 days.

A fun little fun fact: i weighed in today around 3pm and found that I'd lost 7.4 lbs since Saturday at morning!! Crazy, huh?!

Although, it's nice to to start dropping water weight I'm mostly looking forward to cleaning out my body of all the sugar and carbs I crave as well as all the hardended junk in my organs.

I may not be able to stomach another round of the sea salt wash so tomorrow I seriously may just skip that part and just do another round of laxative tea first thing in the morning. We'll see...

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