Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Master Cleanse IV

Yesterday (after work) was my most "off" day thus far. I was sick per se but I did feel exhausted. Around 5pm I needed to sleep. My body was starting to shut down so I left the office a few minutes early and headed straight home. After feeding my dog and doing a few other household chores I went straight to bed. The need for rest was completely undeniable.

I thankfully woke up in time for small group. Along with waking up I found that I was hungry. Really hungry. I thought the hunger was supposed to pass after the 2nd or 3rd day....

Anyhow, as of this morning I've lost 11.8lbs. which puts me at an even 308 lbs. It's motivating to finally see the scale moving but then again that much weight loss in such a short amount of time also scares me.

I also decided that during this detox that I was going to abstain from taking all current medication (which includes vitamins/supplements and birth control). That was a bad idea because my menstrual cycle has kicked into high gear again and it's only been a week since my last. As to be expected it's become more difficult to go through the cleanse while experiencing such a loss.

Today will be my official last day on the cleanse and tomorrow I begin to reintroduce "food" into my system. Actually, I don't get to chew real food until Friday... Let me just tell you that once you're in this.... you're totally in this and there's no going back!

I've heard way too many horror stories from people that haven't followed the directions to properly come off the cleanse, And, those stories have scared the mess out of me so cheating is a non-option at this point even when I'm tempted to sink my teeth into something yummy.

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