Monday, October 6, 2008

Master Cleanse III

9.2lbs! As of Saturday morning I've lost a total of 9.2 lbs! How crazy is that?! I haven't had a single bite to eat since Friday night and I can't believe I'm still alive!

I told myself my goal was going to be 3 days. I'm hungry and I'm craving me some Avocado Tacos from the GreenHouse. I'll just have another batch of the lemonade and that'll keep me going for atleast a few more hours.

Totally happy to report that I haven't (yet) experienced any head aches or weakness. Life just seems to be going along quite nicely. It's amazing how much more time I have available to me when I'm not obessing over food. I did so much during my lunch break it was sick! Went to the candy store for come chocolate covered cherries (not for me), went to the post office to mail off a care package, went home to let the boys out, finished carving a pumpkin, headed to Drug Emporium for more maple syrup and other goodies and now i'm back at the office. I feel so ....accomplished.

To workout or not to workout?? That's the question. I'm afraid to risk it and I'm just being lazy. Maybe I'll go for a walk after small group tonight.

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