Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sad Confession...

I went to the gym yesterday after work.... I can't even begin to tell you how inconsistent I've been!! it was a sad, sad sight!

My sister sweetly asked me last night after I owned a delicious shaved ice from Bahama Bucks "Marce, how much weight have you gained?" I nearly dropped my spoon but it wouldn't have mattered...I had already finished every last bite! Truth sucks, but the truth is that I've gained about 20-25lbs. I haven't been to a weigh in since before my triathlon.

Last confession... I used to be able to bust out about 20-30 push ups like no body's business. Yesterday I was struggling after 15!!!!

***Thanks for calling me yesterday, Uyen. I appreciate the effort in keeping this beast accountable!! Love you!

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