Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day - Super Chica Style

I had such a great weekend! Loaded with lots of laughter and friends.

This is how I spent my Memorial Day!!

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Update on working out post Tri....

It's blah! Angie B is starting a group 'Get Marcy to run 8 miles by November' and if y'all join the group I promise I'll hunt you down and hurt each of you!! :) But if you wanna jog with us you're more than welcome to do so! My goal was to jog a 5k by November and she's somehow got it in her semi-sweet head that I'll be able to jog the Turkey Trot (8 miles) in November!!!

Reverse Trainer day is semi here!! Chadwick asked me to help him train for the swimming portion of a tri. I love being able to spend time with him and I do secretly have to admit that I love making the man WORK IT in the water! I think I understand his 'sickness' there's something so NICE about making someone gasp for air!! LOL However, I have a sneaky suspicion that he'll be a mad skilled swimmer once I'm through with him! But between now and then I'll continue killin' him softly! It's so delicious!

In the mean time I'm back on schedule. As of today my workouts have been moved to 6am! With my busy evening schedule and the lack of desire to work out in the heat I've had to make the change. Early mornings and sweet misty dew how I come!

Weight Loss Update:
I FINALLY made it Weight Watchers on Saturday.
The verdict!
Current Weight: 332.4 lbs
I'm down the 4.8 lbs I gained in April.
I December of 2007 I weighed in at 333.6..... blah!
I rounded my first year of weight loss at 314.4
That means that from August of 2008 to now I've gained 18 lbs!!

Since Chadwick and I stopped working out last year I have noticed a considerable softness happening in my muscles. There's something to be said about weight it! They go hand in hand for sure! A friend and trainer said 'Cardio changes your size while strength training changes your shape' the truth sucks don't it!?!?!

I know this blog has been feast or famine lately. I'll be sure to make more time to post. I miss hearing from y'all!!!


Uyen said...

I LOVE the pics from Memorial Day. We are so out of control. The BEST picture is of Cheramie, Roxie, and Moses!!! :)

Marcy said...

I KNOW!!!!! Priceless!

Margarita Infante said...

I LOVE that your starting to really blog again, for a moment there you were at a stand still!