Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Words of Encouragment from way back...

I had to pull out some old emails this week. Emails that I've saved for this very week. I'll on occassion post these emails on here for us to read. I have to remind myself daily that this victory is not only my own but ours. Thank you for your prayers.

Marcy, I love you. This alone shows how mature your
spiritual walk has grown. I've learned that when you
desire God to do something extraordinary in your life,
you must do something out of the ordinary. I feel this
is what you have done. I have no doubt that you will
reach your goals. Don't allow doubt to set and
remember that there is nothing impossible with GOD!
(Luke 1:37). I love you Brian


You know you are my girl! I love you so much and am so overwhelmingly proud of this HUGE STEP that you are taking in your life. Know that I will be behind you 110% and won't let you give up after 2 wks, 5 wks, or whatever. Bottom line: I am here for you ALWAYS!

love ya chica!

Daenna :)


KimBeau Hughes said...

you are doing awesome! i'm really looking forward to getting together soon. keep it up this week girl!

Tracey Clifton said...

Ummm ok so been 10 days or more...I posted now its your turn...I'm coming to the GYM AM...I need directions again.