Saturday, May 8, 2010

Should be studying....

Sooooooooooooooooo, I should be studying. It's a beautiful Texas day. The weather is perfection and I have so much work to do before Monday. Finals are next week and I really need to get my booty in gear! =) You might wonder why I'm blogging. Well, let's just say that I'm struggling right now!! I can't focus!!

This is what's on my mind.

I love the smell of fresh strawberries. I love them even more when they've stained my fingertips and I smell like strawberries! God is so cool to have made them so delicious and so pretty and RED!!

My nephew is growing like a weed. I can't stand how much I love him. here's a recent picture and by far my favorite. He's been gifted with a light heart. He's easily entertained and for the most part always smiling. I have, however, noticed that he does have a bit of the Infante temper. It's a bit humorous for the moment.
I lost 2 lbs last week! yay! current weight is 352. it's amazing how I don't even sweat giving out my weight digits. Obesity is one addiction you can't hide since we wear it daily. If i was a crack whore I may be able to get way with hiding, don't you think? lol

I've also come to terms with my body. I love being a curvy super chica. However, i wanna be a smaller version of my current super chica-ness. I dont want to be tired all the time. I wanna be able to walk and not grow weary, and i wanna be a faster triathlete! And I don't freakin' wanna worry about flying!!! I hardly talk about the whoas of obesity, but I seriously dread flying. Just the though of wedging myself into a tiny airplane seat gives me the sweats! But, it's really not even about the seat, it's about the people sitting next to me. I don't want them to be uncomfortable and i don't want to be the cause of their discomfort.

mmmmmm, what else? Work searches are going well. Nothing major to report. BTW Chrissy.... I know we don't know each other but it's still great knowing that you read this blog. i actually thought of you not long ago and smiled at your encouragement. thank you.

Pegs! why would you visit my trails? Is it because you think i'd make a mockery of our judicial system?!? LOL I'd most likely get kicked out of a courtroom for making friends with the jury. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

Here are photos of us celebrating Pegs' birthday last year!

Ok. Okaaaay!!!! I'm gonna study now!!


Peggy said...

Thanks for the shout out Marce! :) I think you'd be an awesome anything-you-want-to-be...I just had NEVER thought it would be a lawyer!

Anonymous said...


The Mays Family said...

Hey marcy

I heard that you were giving swim lessons this summer, do you still have availability and what is your cost?

Hope that you are doing well:)

Anonymous said...

Where are the updates?