Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Earn my Carbs?!!?

Didn't really think I had an "issue" with carbs until recently. My new trainer, Shayla, advised me that it's important to have carbs, our bodies need carbs to survive and it isn't wise to go on a no carb diet BUT in order to have carbs we must earn then. (Imagine me nodding in total agreement until this part followed by a sudden stop of the nod when she says i have to earn my carbs *in my head I'm thinking "wha'd you say Willis? Earn my carbs?!!" I'm also thinking of that famous line from my Big Fat Greek Wedding when the Aunt approaches Tula's new husband says "WHAT?!?! HE DONT EAT MEAT?!? What do you mean He. don't. eat. meat? .....It's ok, I make lamb" Anyhow, those were my internal reactions that didn't quite make it past the plesant smile on my face.

So, back to my issue with carbs. Yes. I love carbs and I didn't realize how much I do until I almost had a fit this morning because I couldn't eat any of my beloved carbs and I can't consume my carbs until AFTER I WORK OUT!!! Oh, dear, sweet Jesus...help us all because I'm not working out until after work.


Uyen said...

I thought you needed carbs TO work out...????

Kendra said...

Ha-ha! Hope you are able to make the wait.