Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quick Update

Hello Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! It's been a busy few weeks on the Marcy Show.

I'm gonna try to make this short and sweet.

First off...I've not blogged because I've felt like a total loser! I mean the entire purpose of this blog was to track this weigthLOSS journey and because I've been gaining weight I really felt like blogging was pointless.

The fast went well. I got all the way down to 305lbs. Gained 8 lbs after my first meal. Then slowly ate my way back up to my starting weight. BUT, dang did my insides feel nice and clean!

A few weeks after my birthday bash and a few other parties I decided to (re)join Weight Watchers. My first weigh in was to be expected. It was both nice and a total surprise that the ladies missed me and remembered me. There was no love lost there...and no mercy either! I gained more than I realized. I was back up to 325lbs!

My second weigh in was last week and I lost 1.8lbs. Yah! for's a slow roll but I seriously can't fall off the wagon again until next summer! So, i'll need someone to kick my @#$@ sometime next year around May'ish. ok?

Not sure where Sir Chadwick and I are... we were sorta working out as partners not as trainer and trainee then it all sorta fell apart. I'm sad but I know it's for the best. He more than kinda ripped me a new one last week. Pretty much said that I couldn't rely on people to continually ask me where I am with working out and eating because it was high time that I got to doing it on my own for myself...ouch, huh? Well, I respect him a I took it like a big girl and didn't cry.

I've just recently started working out with a girl from my small group - we
re tri-training. I'll be sure to send you lots of funny stories of our escapades.

I'm excited about writing again. I'd normally blog during the day at work when my brain needed a break from numbers but here lately I've been way too busy to even think straight. I'll try to figure something out.

Thanks for your patience. Really.

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Tracey Clifton said...

Where are you working out...when are you working out? I am trying to get Diana and Denise on the program. I missed your birthday did I get invited or no becuase I lost your jewlery and have not paid you because I am going for my friend of the year award. I promise I am in the process of making it right...You'll see soon.