Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Decided to wear a ball cap to work today (we only dress up if we're meeting with clients) and I also decided to apply my make-up in the car. Everything was a perfect glow, including my C.O. Bigelow Coral Mint lip gloss, when I decided to apply the final touch ...mascara. (OK, OK! I know I broke a rule! everyone knows that lip anything always last but I decided to switch it up a bit and I got totally jinx!) Sooooo, I push the cap all the up to the top of my forehead to begin applying eye make up.

My right eye is perfectly perfect so I move to the left eye. I apply the first round of mascara the ball cap begins slip down my forehead so I readjust but evidently not enough because when I went to go in for round two of the mascara process...I miss my eyelash (because the dang cap got in the way) and stab myself in the freaking eye!!!! Now, my left eye is a total mess. Black mascara is now totally smudged both above and below my eyelashes. I immediately run my fingers to my eye to begin cleaning up the mess only to find that I STILL HAVE LOTION ON MY HANDS!! So, now my eye is burning as all get out, my make up is ruined on the left side of my face and I can hardly see!!!

Moral of the story....apply your make up at home and never wear a ball cap while applying mascara!

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