Monday, November 17, 2008

Post Weekend

I lost .8 lbs last week. Even though i'm on the program I don't really feel "on the program" if you know what I mean. This morning I woke up with a heaviness over the impossibility of weight loss which I hadn't felt in so long, maybe even since before I started this program over a year ago.

My natural tendency is just to say "hey it's the holiday's....just start at the beginning of next year!" What a bag full of bull! It's all about choices. It's all a one day at a time deal. Between now and Thanksgiving I'll do my best to keep doing my best not this half-assedness I've been hitting lately.

FYI it's not just weight loss that is half-assed either! It's my spiritual life, it's my friendships, it's exercises, this blog's EVERYTHING!! So, my goals for the week are to keep track of all my points between Monday - Friday, exercise with Kourtney 4-5 days of our 6 day schedule, and blog at least once more week. And, my upmost goal is to actually spend some quality time alone (totally alone and mentally there) before the Lord.

For those of you out there that read this blog...................please, ask me how my goals are going this week.

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mk said...

I have read two amazing books lately that might be of some interest to you: the first is called "Breaking Free from Emotional Eating" and the other is "French Women Don't Get Fat." Both have helped me to readjust my perception of and relationship to food, and if you're a reader, I think that they would be wise purchases/library check-outs.

Good luck!

(PS I read your blog occasionally; I don't remember where I found the link. I'm trying to lose weight too, and I admire your ability to be so public about it; I'm not quite there. So here's to being healthy!! Happy Thanksgiving!)