Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick Story about a Hawaiin Sea Turtle

When I was in Hawaii a few years ago, for a friend's wedding, I had the privilege of swimming with one of these turtles. Actually, while I sun bathing in the shallow end of a lagoon one of these sea turtles decided to make my back their parking spot!! We were told that 5 HUGE sea turtles called this particular lagoon (in Kona) home for many many years. And he Hawaiians believe that if a sea turtle swims by and touches you that it's a sign of good luck. Well, let's just say the feeling of a having a 30 lb turtle laying on your back isn't exactly something I'd naturally be inclined to participate in but either I'll take that "luck" and just call myself blessed beyond measure.

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Robin said...

That toitle sure is cute!

It was really nice talking real life with you today. Thanks so much for being so honest. It feels incredibly good to have REAL friends who I can love and let love me.

Go make that phone call today that we talked about!

Love you!