Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm back!

I'm finally back in Denton! I've been on a bit of a mini holiday. Well, not really a vacation but just out of town. It's nice to finally be back home though.

I got to the gym last night. I was feeling so tired and almost grumpy about working out but once my body got going it sure felt good. I jogged for the first time on the treadmill too! I cranked it up 4.5 and started jogging. I felt like I could've gone a little faster but to be honest I was afraid of losing my balance, falling off and making a complete fool of myself so played it safe.

I generally have awful reception at my office so anytime someone calls me I have to step outside to take the call. After ending a call I head back into the office and just as I was reaching my desk I took one last step with my right foot. Well, my right foot decided to continue to slide out in front of me which left me doing the splits right in the middle of my office! Thankfully I wasn't wearing a skirt AND only one of the guys was around to notice. I quickly recovered and got up laughing. I asked if he had seen it and he simply laughed and said "Oh, Marcy.!!.. always acting up for attention" I thought it was sweet of him to help me recover so nicely.

Just so you know... if you ever fell in presence I promise I couldn't help but laugh at you!! So, expect to be laughed at! And, if you ever see me fall I could only expect the same from you to me!

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