Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ma'am. He called me Ma'am.

A few weeks ago while shopping at Wal-mart this rather cute post college aged cashier guy and I had a 'moment'. It wasn't super flirty just semi fun flirty. I remember heading out to my car and thinking 'awww he was cute, and God.... you gave him really pretty eyes.'

end of scene.

Earlier this week I headed to Wal-Mart post my workout to grab some sick supplies for my sister, who started feeling ill earlier that day. I did my rounds, checked out and headed for my car. Just as I was fixin' to unload my cart, I heard this loud crashing sound and it startled me (because it was too close for comfort) so I jumped, semi squealed and clutched for some invisible being in the air. hahaha! I wouldn't have been a big deal, but when I searched for the source of the noise I came to find this younger guy at the opposite end of the cart station, you know the place where we're supposed to leave our carts!!, smiling and semi laughing at my reaction. I playfully screamed "YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!" and he apologized, but continued to laugh. Another guy Wal-Mart cart guy appeared and asked if i was OK. I was smiling when I said "yeah, I'm good, but I like how your friend over there asked the same question but couldn't keep from LAUGHING AT ME!!" They both laughed and apologized again, it was all in good fun.

When I finished unloading I asked them what they wanted me to do with my cart. I didn't wanna be a dork and walk all the way to the front of their cart stacking pile and mess up their system and I also didn't want to seem rude and just leave it in the recently cleared out cart station. Thankfully they were nice and let me just leave it in the empty station thingy. As I was about to get in my car the second Wal-mart guy says "I hope you have a good night, ma'am" it was then that I noticed it was cute wal-mart cashier guy from a couple weeks ago and he just called me ma'am..................

In one hand I was super proud of our Texan boys for having proper Texan manners, but in the other I was also heart-dented when I realized I was now a "ma'am". Not cool. totally not cool. :)

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