Friday, December 31, 2010


Last year to the day I was recovering from oral surgery. It's pretty funny thinking about it now..the chipmunk cheeks, the drug induced calling and texting, and inability to feel my face left me hungry and completely unable to feed myself. Who knew scooping a spoon full of milkshake from the container to my mouth would be such a challenge. I didn't know anything was amiss until I felt the sticky ice cream dripping down my chest. I wasn't amused.

The months that followed into 2010 were different. Very different. I'm more than happy to put this year behind me.

I look forward to 2011. God has called me unto himself for a season without distraction, and that means no men. For those of you who know me, you already understand that this is gonna be an interesting ride as I begin a 6 month fast from men and sugar, a few of my idols. In regards to men, that means no dating, talking, texting, chatting, emailing, etc. In regards to sugar well....this pains me as much as it does saying goodbye to men. I love me some sugar and that means no ice cream or other sugary treats.

Another round of Recovery at the Village will begin in the next week for me as well. We'll see what other festering wounds God will uncover. Beware my chicas, if this next round is anything like the first, you already know! haha!

Happy New Year!!

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