Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waterbabies & Summer Fun

You're about to see a HUGE part of my heart and life. I can't remember a moment in time when water wasn't a part of our childhood. As a family we spent countless hours at the neighborhood pool. Little did I know then that my passion for everything aquatic was sparked.

When I moved back to Texas a few years ago, I was so certain that God moved me back here to open my own swim school. It hasn't worked out completely, but I know He's up to something because He's orchestrated my meeting a good number of familes through church and life who have needed swim lessons. A few families in particular have haunted me for years each summer for more lessons!!! :) You know who you are and I love you for it too!!

I have fantasized about teaching my nephew how to swim since the first few moments I knew of his existence. Here are photos of his first class with Aunt Marcy. These photos were taken by my sister who's an aspiring photographer! I'm hoping to get more of her work on this blog SOON!!

I wish y'all could see this photo played out in real life. It's so much fun!!!

I love this shot! My sister couldn't have captured it more perfectly.

(above)I love this photo!! Remember it. You're going to see it again. :)

(Below) here is my delicious nephew. He's generally a happy baby, but he's exceptionally so while doing "Humpty Dumpties". This exercise teaches them to return to the wall instantly after falling into the water. It's fun for them and it's SAFE!!

So, my news.... I need your prayers. I've decided to officially give it a go. My swim school will be called Texas Waterbabies!!! If I could do anything for free for the rest of my life this would be it! Teaching infants, toddlers, & children how to swim and respect water is what I'm most passionate about in this life. I'll have my website up and running soon. I'm currently on the look out for an indoor heated pool. If you know of any please, please let me know.

I'm excited and nervous to see how this will play out in my everyday life.


Renatta said...

This is awesome!! I am so excited for you my friend......I will pray that the Lord guide every step of this and see it through!

Josiah Daniel Hill said...

When am I going to see that photo again? :)

Hey, I'm happy you have a target set up to shoot for. Can't wait to see what happens!