Monday, August 23, 2010


I've also learned that having a strong core making your life so much easier! I'm not talking about easier in the realm of doing your taxes or solving interpersonal issues, but I'm talking about movement - both spiritual and physical.

Sir Chadwick would forever say things like "tighten your core when you're walking" or "align yourself" or "pull from your core". When I say "core" I'm talking about everything that makes up your stomach/abdomen area and lower back. It seemed that everything we did from walking on the treadmill, to squats, to planks, even biceps curls it all involved my core. I wasn't able to understand the benefit of it all until much later.

There was a day when I found myself getting up off the floor and my movement were so fluid and, dare I say, nearly graceful that it surprised me. I used to have to roll my body over until i was on my knees, then i'd kneel on one leg, and either press my hands down on the opposite leg or on the couch just to get up. It was an ordeal for sure. But, after some time I begin to notice that I moved and carried myself better and much more easily, despite the heaviness that still hung from my belly. I was stronger all around and my balance was much more evident. It also seemed that because my core was stronger that all my other muscle groups seemed to cooperate and respond with efficiency.

There's a parallel for my physical core conditioning in my spiritual life as well. When my core is spiritually sound I also move about this world much more easily. I don't lose my balance and fall into pits. I don't lose my balance and verbally vomit on someone. I don't walk around sloppily. When I'm reading, praying and actively engaged with my spiritual family life is good and in check. There's balance. There's strength. There's accountability. And, there's peace....

This is one of the last moments that I remembered myself in total balance. These are from April 2008. Chadwick and I had just stopped working out and I was excited to see what God was fixin' to do...Little did I know that this was the very very very beginning of a 2 year downhill spiral.

Mita & Uyenie
Renatta & Moi
(and my peek-a- boo belly)
Sara & I

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